All change

A break from blogging last week while I attempted to get a few things in order. In short, I left my job and had a busy last week nipping up to Newcastle to train people, nipping across to Birmingham for goodbyes, and getting a massive piece of work finished before clearing my desk.

I’ve been through redundancy again – the second time in 18 months – and have managed to coincide my leaving with finding a new job. Had the redundancy process not come up I would have happily stayed where I was, but actually thinking about it now, it’s nice to have a new start and is about the right time. And I get a nice payment, a new challenge and a pay rise so all in all, luck has decided to smile on us.

I start tomorrow. There has been a mere weekend between jobs, not ideal but dealable with. I seem to spent much of the time trying to clean the house and make sure it’s in order. Its ridiculous really, as I won’t be working any longer hours at the new place, but it seemed important to clean windows, change the bedclothes and who knows what. And now I sit, while bread and casserole cook, having done the ironing, emptied the bins, cleaned my boots and prepared bags for tomorrow.

It doesn’t take Dr Freud, actually. I do this because I don’t like meeting new people, and feeling out of place for a while – where’s the kitchen, where’s the toilets, do I get a locker, will I get a door pass the first day – and so on. So I’m trying to feel in control somewhere. This has the added benefit of getting my boots cleaned, the beds changed and the windows cleaned so perhaps I should feel uncomfortable on a regular basis for the sake of the housework.


Thanks to a TED talk posted on Facebook last week (thanks Bea) I shall be doing a Wonder Woman pose before I get there (possibly on the tram) and that’ll sort my confidence out. This time in a fortnight I’ll be fine.

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One Response to All change

  1. Bee says:

    So glad you’re trying out the power poses! You’ll have to do another blog on how you think they went? Xxx

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