On recovery

Sunday: Nursery phoned S up on Wednesday afternoon and asked him to come and pick up E who they didn’t think was well. She had even been asleep for half an hour, unheard of normally. He was on his way.

She has a cold. It’s a bad one with an especially dreadful cough. But despite being up coughing in the night on Thursday morning she asked to go to nursery and seemed to be fine. Friday she was quite poorly but slept all the way to Norfolk where we went to visit my in-laws for the weekend. She’s never ill for long, we said.

Saturday she was quite perky in the morning and flopped in the afternoon and the same today. She’s too much like her mother and isn’t good at being ill. She gets distressed at the coughing and doesn’t know how to settle herself, crying out and fidgeting until she’s in a right zombie-like state.

My problem tomorrow is that she may not throw this off to go to nursery. As I’ve only been at work for a week, my new employers don’t know yet that E is rarely ill and that any time I take is minimal. If S stays at home, he doesn’t get paid – his employers are a small business who can’t afford such things and we don’t like to mess them about either.

I should point out here that S’s employers are all incredibly nice understanding people and from the conversations I’ve had so far, everyone at my work seems very nice too. We’re not talking whip cracking here. But it’s just an inconvenience. Illness is. And it especially is for people without useful family members close by for babysitting sick children.

It also makes for an exhausting weekend. E is understandably very clingy when ill and she wants to be held or carried a lot, especially by her mum. In a household of talkative people who have two dogs and a loud TV, a clingy child tested my patience in ways I don’t like. It’s not her fault and I am much better at nursing her than anyone else on earth but I spent all weekend looking after her, reading the same two books over and over again, cuddling her, wiping her nose and administering Calpol. If I hadn’t begged S to be there for two hours this morning so I could get some writing done my mind may have imploded.

Yet if we’d stayed at home, cabin fever may well have set in and I’d have had to do the cooking. As much as I have enjoyed my first week at work, I do feel like I need some kind of ‘try desperately to get some kind of stuff in order’ time soo, I may go mad. Or madder than I currently sound.

Apologies. It’s late and I shall go to bed instead of wittering on here. Goodnight.

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One Response to On recovery

  1. John Adams says:

    Here’s hoping E recovers soon. It’s not easy at all balancing the needs of sick children with employers. Hope you got some sleep too.

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