Normal service resumed

So I thought since I’d been so down the last two blog posts, I’d do a quick snapshot of normal life in our house. I say this as I came in from work this evening to find E taking her medicine in a jolly mood.

“Mummy!” she greeted me. She had made biscuits at nursery and got half the mixture in her hair. She informed me that Daddy was a cheeky chops and that she was a crazy sausage.

“What am I?” I asked. There was a long pause.

“You’re Wonder Woman!” she said. That’s my girl.

She is currently snoring in bed. I have been for a run as I have decided my winter hiatus from fitness should probably end now. But boy was it cold out there tonight! I have made myself and S a evening treat of chocolate custard and pears. He is currently obsessed by chocolate custard – I have the sneaking suspicion that he opened a tin of pears for E to ignore just so we would be forced to eat them.

After I’ve finished this and prepared the bags for tomorrow, I have to decide whether to carry on with my novel writing (I really need a working title) or whether to draft a couple of stories I’m writing for my nephew and niece. I am making them both homemade dolls from a craft book my mum bought me for Christmas and I thought it would be nice to have an accompanying story. One is easy – Cinderella (though I am considering a feminist revisionist version) but the other will be original.

I also have to be aware of not doing too much prep work for my new job at home. I find easier to think about bigger picture things when I’m not in the office, which is fine because I can work from home or claim time back, but on top of 9 1/2 hours work today, I really should let go for the day. It’s a revelation, this new job, in that I have people to do things for me that are considered not worthwhile of my time – mainly lots of uploading things to different comms channels. I have an apprentice and someone on work experience from Karlsruhe around to help me and am very grateful for them. But it is a culture shock, especially as I’m also a control freak.

All in all, the short conversation with E was enough to restore my equilibrium. E points out that when I’m tired I say I’m an old lady. I have been a tired and fraught old lady but now I’m Wonder Woman again. God bless penicillin and a good night’s sleep.Wonder woman

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