To do or not to do?

So yesterday I was talking about the importance to me of having a decent split of housework duties for many families in keeping your relationship alive. But I’m also interested to know how other people manage this, practically, especially if they have very different routines to us. So I gave fellow blogger Dadblog a lot of attention when he posted up a list the other week. A list of his 21 things to do on a Sunday to ensure the family are ready to go for the week. It turns out he does most of these things EVERY DAY. You can read the list here.

I don’t know about you, but I have a vague sense of disquiet at reading this. (I should add a disclaimer, Dadblogger is a stay at home dad. I am not a stay at home mum and S is not a stay at home dad. We both have paid work so therefore we both share the housework. He also has double the number of children I have and one of his is at school so their requirements are different. But still.) I say disquiet, it’s more of a “Do I do this? Should I do this? Dear god, this is far more than I will ever manage, now I feel hopelessly inadequate” kind of feeling.

I decided to do a list of my own. What is it that I do each night to prepare? How do I stay on top of things? Can I make 21 separate points?

Sunday night:

  • Washing – Clothes will have been done over the weekend. Beds may or may not have been changed, towels will probably have been changed. These bigger things have probably not been washed yet unless it’s summer and I can get them dry on the line outside.
  • Ironing – for me and E. I don’t iron for S and never have. Plus he doesn’t have a job that requires pressed clothes.
  • Lunch – I will make a pot of something for the week and put it in the fridge for us both to take to work and have reheated as a main meal at work. We have snacks in the evening which we prepare separately.
  • Check nursery bag for spare clothes.

Daily (work days):

  • Breakfast pot – I will put my breakfast for the next work day together in the little two-tiered pot I have (muesli, grapes and yoghurt)
  • Work bag – I add an apple, my reusable coffee cup, cutlery for lunch and any notebooks and books I want to take to the office into my work bag. I also check to make sure my tram pass and work pass are in my handbag.
  • I charge my phone


  • Supermarket online order placed to be delivered on Thursday.

At some point in the week I may also do another load of washing too. If E comes home in her change of clothes then I will put some new clothes in her bag but otherwise I don’t bother to check it every day. If my shoes are obviously dirty they get cleaned if I remember, otherwise I stare at them askance in the morning and maybe give them a quick going over with a wet wipe.

S usually hoovers the house at the weekend, and every day makes sure the washing up is done in the evening. He gets his stuff ready for work each morning when he gets up. Between us at some point we will put the clean kitchen stuff away in cupboards.

Eight distinct points. And few more ‘possibly’ points. Eight. There was me thinking I was sooooooo organised. I have a lot to learn.

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3 Responses to To do or not to do?

  1. booksjadore says:

    Having read his list, I can say for certain that I consider myself an orderly person and I am so far from 19 points that I feel I may need to reconsider how I see myself!

  2. John Adams says:

    Well Sue, what an honour it is to have my list analysed in this way. There are, however, fundamental differences between our two families that dictate the need for preparation in this household

    Firstly, we have two kids. What makes it more exciting is that they’re both a different life stages; one needs fresh school uniform every day, one doesn’t. One is at home tearing the house apart, one is usually at school. My wife also has a commute of approx three hours and will be out the house for around 12 hours each and every working day.

    Keeping this ship afloat is my job. I don’t personally need the list. I’m just on auto-pilot. It came about when my wife got annoyed with me one Sunday evening when I spent an hour preparing for the week ahead and not sitting down relaxing with her. I told her I’d put alist together so she could see exactly what needed to be done each Sunday evening so could help me prepare the family for the forthcoming week. When I stood back and looked at what I’d produced I realised I did it every day (save for putting the bins and recycling out).

    Thanks for an insightful and entertaining post.

    • basfordianthoughts says:

      Thanks John – I hope you know the post was born from admiration! It’s an interesting look at modern families & how we all seem to be moving at such a changing pace.

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