On ya feet…

I’m pretty sure it’s just a phase. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

E doesn’t like walking. When we go out anywhere I invariably end up carrying her. This is a bugger on my back and my energy levels, as well as a general pain as she often wriggles.

We could take the pushchair with us but if it’s a park, with a playground or we take the scooter, or a ball, or the kite, then it seems silly to have the pushchair as well. I take the pushchair if we’re walking around near the house or on the way to nursery in the mornings, mainly as I have a lot of bags to carry and need to get to work. Our routine in the morning is that I will carry her a few steps and then she goes in the chair, she rarely walks at all.

She’s three this month, we see other children running about, I thought she would too.

Her arms entwine tightly around my neck. If I put her down and explain that I can’t carry her any more she either cries like it’s the end of the world or offers to kiss my aching back better and then doesn’t go much further before asking to be picked up again.

S hates this. He thinks she’s not normal, so much so that he is taking her to see the doctor next week. His answer when we’re out is to walk off and leave her and assumes she will follow. This is not necessarily the case and since he’s also walked off and left her near roads or large stretches of open water, he tends to upset me too. I don’t know whether to envy his ability not to forsee and dread any disaster happening to her or not.

She is also still very introverted. Now, I’m an introvert too, as is S, but I also think she should at least manage not to be scared or unwilling to join in at a playground if there are other children there. Which, at weekends, there are, of course. She goes to nursery, I thought she’d be more used to others. It’s a rare day when she spends time entertaining herself – she can and sometimes does look at books alone, or play with her toys alone but mostly she asks me to join in. And I do, but occasionally I’d like to send a couple of emails, schedule some tweets, hang out the washing, have a wee, prepare dinner or do the ironing without having to be interrupted by someone clinging to my leg.

So all in all, our trip today to Sudbury Hall was not as much fun as it could have been if she’d been walking, running or willing to play. I’m sure it is a phase but seriously, is there anything I can do to help her run about more? And encourage her to be a little more independent? For her sake, as well as my back’s?

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