Fitting it all in

So you may remember last year I came down with a mysterious skin condition which, it turned out, was caused by a virus leaping on me when I was run down and feeling crappy. It made my summer miserable and it’s a recurring condition so when I came down with another mini virus after Easter (just glands up and some tiredness) I realised my skin would go funny again.

This time round has been slightly less bad than last year. But it’s still pretty ugly. I’ve avoided the doctor this year and talked to a pharmacist instead who recommended some creams that seem to be possibly doing something. Possibly. Basically I’ll be in long skirts and crop trousers again this year – but perhaps these are best for someone of my great age anyway now.

I realised today that my health – physical and mental – has been much worse these last two years and that this has coincided with me working compressed hours. I don’t think it’s the hours that’s the problem, I think the main issue is that I don’t have time to walk to work any more. It took nearly an hour to get to the office each morning which was fine with me – it kept me reasonably fit, gave me a chance to have some thinking time, some music time and kept my weight down.

I like exercising. I like going for a run but a lot of the time I just can’t see where to fit it into a routine. For a while after work I did go for a run – about 5-6k – but the dark dark winter killed my resolve (the city’s ring road isn’t lovely at the best of times but in the cold and pitch black there’s no motivation there at all.) I know it makes me feel better but it just becomes something else I have to fit in somehow.

Walking kept me sane and fit during my pregnancy when nothing else would do. It also fitted nicely into my day so I didn’t have to think about it much. If I start walking to work again I forfeit my usual desk (we have hotdesking which is no good for an introvert like me who likes to bounce ideas off people and need them to know me well to do so) and have to make up the time in the evening or at lunchtime.

The other option is to work five days and give up a day with E instead. But I don’t want to do that. Perhaps I should just look at working even later, talk to new people and  stop complaining. Or do some emailing in the evening or a couple of hours on Friday somehow to make up for it. Or find someone who can invent time travel.

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