Whoosh! She was gone

20150111_124835I’ve blogged before about how E’s toy witch (from Room on the Broom) has become part of the family. For a year, she’s been a constant companion, coming on trips and days out with us, cuddled, slept with and generally loved. She’s been made really dirty from so much love, she’s gone to nursery (sending the night there once by mistake), the seaside, farms, and family visits.

Until last month. E suddenly rejected witch and left her on the sofa. She got very cross if we suggested she came upstairs. I sat witch on top of a stuffed rabbit also on the sofa and she was greeted with laughs the next day before being rejected again.

20150404_121630For some reason I found this quite upsetting. For Witch’s sake I tried to suggest she might like to come upstairs but was told no. I realise she’s just a stuffed toy but it’s rather odd to watch someone E was so attached to suddenly be tossed away.

Witch is now allowed upstairs, sometimes she’s cuddled and sometimes she’s not. Sometimes she’s gently put to bed on the floor and we’re told to “shhh, she’s asleep” while E then leaves her there for hours. A lot of the time she is just forgotten about like the other toys on the bed. E doesn’t have a substitute – Witch is the only one who’s ever come about with us to the extent she has.

2014-08-31 18.11.37I know that this is probably something to do with E’s development but I have no idea what. Some tiresome quack might tell me I only get upset because I can forsee the age when she does the same thing to me.

Witch is still loved, but at a distance, like E’s other toys. Her other Room on the Broom toys seem to be played with and the book is still read. But I am still glad to see nights when Witch is tucked up in bed next to E, rather than tonight, when she sits alone on the microwave.

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