We have been reading…

It’s been a while since I covered any books on the blog. Miraculously in these straitened times, our local library has just had an injection of cash and there have been a lot of new books to read. So here’s a selection of our recent favourites:

This book just ate my Dog – Richard Byrne

This is great. Bella takes her dog for a walk but he disappears inside the fold in the middle of the book and so does the help – ambulance, friend and so on that she sends in to find him. Eventually Bella has no choice but to go in there herself and it’s down to the reader to get her out. Great fun.

The Story Machine – Tom McLaughlin

Elliott likes to poke around in the attic and one day finds a strange machine. He investigates and eventually manages to get it to work (it’s a typewriter). Although Elliott is not very good at writing or spelling, he soon finds ways to make amazing stories from his machine – ingenious creations are forthcoming! A nice story to show children that they’re capable of all kinds of splendid things.

Winnie’s Amazing Pumpkin – Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

We’ve not had any Winnie the Witch books out before but E has taken to her nicely. In this story Winnie decides to grow her own vegetables – with disastrous results. Worth getting just for the pictures of the caterpillar bovver boys alone.

The Pirates Next Door – Johnny Duddle

A great tale of nimbyism in Dull-on-Sea. Matilda finds her neighbourhood are shocked when pirates move in next door. But Matilda thinks they’re great and soon the pirates find a way of winning them all round. Good rhymes and the illustrations are great too, as well as a thumbs on the end of noses to nimbyism everywhere. Oo-aarrrrrrrr!!


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