Room on the Broom – the stage show

Picture of the witch

Witch enjoyed seeing herself on stage and got this flag…

One of the things we’ve been waiting to do with E is take her to see a live show – a concert, a play, a panto – anything that captures how lovely it is to watch a live performance. With her favourite book, Room on the Broom appearing at Theatre Royal Nottingham, the opportunity was too good to miss.

The show was aimed at children from 3 upwards, and lasted just under an hour. To ensure that I had all bases covered, I packed juice, sausage rolls, fruit ‘sweets’ and a packet of elephant biscuits. We sat in the dress circle and had a good view of the stage. E was very impressed when I pointed out the lovely theatre interior and started to pay attention to the “action” taking place on stage as we arrived.

The show was an expansion of the book – giving all the animal characters a back story which they sang. There was also a slightly confusing and probably unnecessary intro section involving the four performers as campers, one of whom snored, and then as they camped they saw the witch fly by. It meant they were already on stage when we sat down and faffed about while everyone got ready. I’m not sure what it added to the performance.

The rest of the show was good fun – with puppets for the dog, the bird and the frog, and one of the performers dressing up as the Dragon. During the frog’s performance they all started laughing and had to delay until they got it back – which would have been funny if I hadn’t read in the local paper’s review of a few night’s before when they did the same thing. I have exacting standards.

E was very good – ate everything in sight but was quiet and her attention only wandered when the character collecting went on a bit too long. However, she leapt to attention when the dragon appeared and was rapt until the end. All in all, she was very good and seemed to enjoy it very much so I have the Christmas performance of The Snowman in mind for her next theatre trip.

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