Healthy options…

So I’ve not been blogging for a while – mainly as I got stuck into the rewrite of my novel and couldn’t fit it all in. Here’s a quick catch up.

As I’m dealing with the ‘second summer of skin condition’ I thought I’d look at a few health issues, in case they could help. The main one was to reduce the amount of sugar that I consume – partly due to the skin and partly due to the fact that I’ve put on a stone since working compressed hours. Biscuits, offices and late hours – a killer for the waistline.

I’ve been using My Fitness Pal – a calorie counting app (though a misnamed one) which asks you to log all your food and calculates how many calories you have eaten. You can also log exercise. It sets you goals for how many grams of sugar, fat and carbs you should eat per day and yells at you if (as has happened with me) you don’t eat enough. I’ve been using it for just over a month and have lost the princely sum of no pounds. That’s right, I have lost no weight.

Now partly this is because I haven’t completely cut out sugar – I do have fruit, for example, and two whole glasses of alcohol in the weekends. I also have the habit of grabbing bread and lemon curd if I need to top up my calories to avoid being yelled at. And I believe going regularly without topping 1000 calories means your body goes into starvation mode and retains weight. I am honestly trying to eat the calories but it’s not always easy. And clearly, without consuming refined sugar, I’m still not eating the right things.

Basically the whole exercise is a lesson in nutrition. People told me nuts were good for you, the app says they are too fatty, I try to find some protein and fibre to snack on but practically everything is revolting. I tried endamame beans which my sister bought me as an experiment but they’re not very nice. Beef jerky is not really practical all the time.

So I’m now counting on losing weight through cycling to work – I’ve managed to find a route that takes me to work without going on any roads and I pick up my bike tomorrow. In the meantime, not eating a lot of sugar has made me feel better and not crave snacks all the time.

In addition to this I have two other (minor) health issues. One of these – hormones – will be covered in a separate blog for I feel the need for a full discussion. The other is my back. Even to type that I have a bad back makes me feel old. But there you go. So work arranged for me to see a physiotherapist in order to try some treatment that may prevent it getting worse.

In short, my long days at work (9 1/2 hours per day) followed by evenings in front of the computer at home, and days off where I lug E about, are straining my back muscles. Take this as a health warning, people working compressed hours – extra weight, no time to exercise and a buggered back. The thoracic section is straining the muscles. I have to get up from my desk every half an hour (another app – ReMind) and move about, plus do some stretches every night.

Getting up halfway through meetings is proving slightly embarrassing. And since I’ve been moving about and trying to retrain my muscles I’ve had a constant backache. I can only hope it’s going to improve soon.

This older mother lark is fine in trying to deal with behaviour, in feeling confident and passing on confidence, but physically I’m creaking…

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