A refugee on our stairs

So I was talking to E about the refugee crisis this week.

No, alright I wasn’t really. Not outright. But we did talk about similar subjects. The nice thing about her growing up is that you can really see how she’s developing when it comes to conversations and her observations on things she sees. This was an example.

Sharbat_GulaWe have the famous Steve McCurry portrait of the Afghan girl Sharbat Gula framed and hanging on our stairs. I’ve always loved it. My nephew finds it scary. When he visits he talks of the scary woman in my house. (It’s at least reassuring that he doesn’t refer to me with that sentence.) And I can see why he finds her scary – those huge eyes, the intense expression. After his last visit, E started to take an interest in the picture – we call the picture ‘the lady’ and I’ve encouraged E to wave hello to her as we go past.

E asked me why the lady looked sad. So we sat on the stairs and I told her how the lady had to leave her home because people were fighting in it. I said she was sad because she was away from home. This made sense to E.

So we didn’t talk about the refugee crisis. But we did. Maybe when she’s a little older we can talk about it some more.

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