Picture this…

I’ve just got some prints back from the photo shop and will spend this week sticking them in an album. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not 1984! I know. But here’s the thing. I like taking photos. I like showing them to people. I like making albums and scrapbooks. E likes looking at pictures.

I have backups of all our pictures on an external hard drive and anything on my phone immediately backs up to Dropbox. I’m not a philistine. But it’s not the same. And in 20 years, when I’m approaching my dotage, that technology might not be compatible. What if I lose all of E’s childhood pics?

Opinion is divided about putting pictures of your children on the internet. Some people are fine with doing this and I’m not here to lecture them – it’s a personal decision. Yes, it’s true pictures of children can be used by others for odd and sometimes horrible purposes, but this is less of a concern to me than perhaps it should be. My concern is this: We don’t yet know what it’s like to grow up in an age of social media, where your every move is documented on the internet. In theory a future employer can Google a name and see their potential employee’s entire life, from babyhood onwards.

I have once in a while succumbed to posting a picture of E up on Facebook – I’ve just checked, there are 4 pics that show her face and anything else has her face obscured. It’s hard when you live far away from friends and family and have a sweet baby that you want to boast about.

For all I know this will be fine for future generations. But her face isn’t my image to post up for others to see. And while I can protect her privacy, then I will.

The problem of course, as with all the other things I’m old fashioned about (books, CDs) is space. I’m about to start a fourth photo album for E’s pictures. I have a feeling this will be the final year where there are so many pictures of her, once she starts school and grows up more there will be fewer. But for now, I will fill pages with her smiling face and paste in tickets, leaflets, stickers and pressed flowers as a keepsake.


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