Toucan, you can

I don’t do too many Christmas gift ideas blogs. But today I’m going to talk to you about Toucan boxes.

We’ve been getting one of these little fellas delivered every fortnight for the last few months and E has come to really enjoy them. The smallest in the range fits through your postbox, has your child’s name on the outside and a crafty activity inside. (They do two larger boxes which come once a month and contain lots more to do, plus a book. I’m only reviewing the petite boxes here.)

Each activity is linked to early years/ KS1 targets and can be tailored to include or exclude subjects you aren’t interested in (we have most of them but I excluded anything about royalty). This includes activities to do with science, nature, art, dinosaurs, pirates, among many more. The boxes are for children, not boys or girls, so not split by gender and assumes your child will be interested in whatever is inside.

Here are some of the things we have made:

Toucan box projects

From top left: a jack-o-lantern, a Toucan box and instructions, a papier mache calabash, a jellyfish, a Mondrian style painting, a printed bag for collecting nature projects.

Spider project

The spider was made by gluing black paper & then eyes onto a polystyrene ball (E did this) and the web from pipe cleaners (I did this). The paper is a marble rolled in white paint onto black paper to make web patterns. (E LOVED this)

They all use different materials, and tell you about the thing you are making, as well as highlighting what skills you’ve learned. Some of the really fiddly bits E has to let me do but in general she’s always really keen to see what is in the box, and how it works. From being a novelty thing, it’s now something she actively looks forward to – so much that I have to place the box somewhere high until we’re ready to spend time on it.

Each box comes with a sticker and collect enough of them, you can claim a prize. (We’re saving for the ‘paint a rocket playhouse’.) This part is often E’s favourite – this isn’t to diminish any of the activities but she enjoys looking at the numbers and the chart, and she knows how to do this without any help from me.

I’m a fairly craft-y person, and I have ideas or know where to go to find more ideas. But this is much easier. Sooooo much easier. It’s fun, educational and takes the hard work out of finding the materials and instructions you need. For just under a fiver, that gets my vote.

Toucan boxes can be found at their website but you can also catch up with them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) and have a look at other projects available at the moment. A petite box costs £3.95 + .98 postage, and is delivered fortnightly.

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