Christmas reading

We’ve got the Christmas books out.

2015-12-01 20.15.20

We had all of these last year but E wasn’t really into them as much. This year all is different. And I’m thrilled. So let me talk you through them:

Santa’s Beard – Matilda Tristram and Tom Duxbury, illustrated by Nick Sharratt

A very silly story about Santa being too hot in the summer and instead of removing his hat, coat or gloves, his beard flies off to try out other faces. The beard is detachable. Surreal yet excellent.

Kipper’s Christmas Eve – Mick Inkpen

Kipper’s light up books are my favourite and sadly the battery in this version has died so Arnold’s Christmas hat no longer flashes. This is a simple story about being nice to everyone at Christmas.

Laura’s Star – Klaus Baumgart

I bought this in Oxfam ages ago and was upset that E didn’t take to it, despite knowing she was perhaps too young. But now she’s enchanted by it – a simple story about a lonely girl who makes friends with a star that falls to earth. She likes stories where people look after each other. (It’s not actually Christmassy, unlike Laura’s Christmas Star but it feels like it fits.)

Winnie the Pooh – various Christmassy books

This is another purchase I got when she was really small. This year she has found out who “Pooey Bear” is and these have suddenly become a favourite. So much so that we walked to nursery singing “The more it snows, tiddly pom” this morning.

Santa is coming to Nottingham – Steve Smallman

Possibly everyone has one of these now – personalised for your own area. This one spells Wollaton wrong and doesn’t mention Basford but you can’t have everything. We also have the colouring in version.

Little Reindeer

This was one of the only Christmas books she had last year and I hate it. Mainly because of over repetition. There is a glove puppet and a hole in each page – Little Reindeer looks for his friend and the child interacts with him as he has something to eat, and so on.

Letters to Father Christmas – JRR Tolkein

A friend of ours bought us this last year as it’s one of her family favourites. I’m going to try E with it this year and see how she gets on. I’ve been looking forward to doing things in chapters per night and while this isn’t quite like this, it might be a good way to start off. We’ll see.

This year I want to get her The Snowman, as she loves the film so much and we’re taking her to watch it at the theatre in January. But I’d like to hear any Christmas book recommends you have too!

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3 Responses to Christmas reading

  1. aviets says:

    It warms my heart to know that someone else out there is singing “the more it snows, tiddly pom.” I quote Pooh on a regular basis. ☺️

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