Review: The Snowman on stage

I have blogged before about our family love for The Snowman. When I saw that it would be appearing at Theatre Royal in Nottingham I booked us tickets to take E. It’s still her favourite.

As you’d expect, the story closely follows the film (not the book – there’s no Santa in the book and they only fly to the end of Brighton pier) but to fill out the time a little, they add more dance sequences. There is dancing fruit from the fridge when they are in the kitchen, dancing toys in the boy’s room and, in the second half, a prolonged ‘love triangle’ story for the Snowman, an ice angel and Jack Frost.

Like the film, there is no dialogue, just music, played in this instance by a pianist, and several supporting men with keyboards. (We had a good view of the pit from our balcony seats) The boy playing James was excellent and very endearing. But our respect goes to the person in the snowman costume (spoiler alert) for dancing under the lights in that.

Sadlers Wells snowmanSo what did E think? She took her cuddly snowman with her to watch, and was very comfy on my lap leaning on on the railing to watch. Several times she stood up on the side to lean well over the railing to see more, giving me a heart attack as I grabbed her round the waist each time.

She was engrossed though. Each half was about three quarters of an hour long, and she watched fascinated, and offering a commentary on what she could see all the way through. She took their flying sequence in her stride, being of the age where it seems perfectly feasible that a snowman and boy could fly. She enjoyed the dancing, the ballerinas and the appearance of Santa. And she loved clapping at the end of each number, sitting back and smiling at me and S to show us how well she liked it.

I’m so encouraged by her attention for the dancing I’m trying to decide if she’s going to be old enough for a girls’ trip to the ballet next Christmas. I’ve been wanting to take her to the ballet since we found out she was a girl. It may be too long. But this definitely a good start.

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One Response to Review: The Snowman on stage

  1. aviets says:

    That sounds great! I think it’s so smart to take kids to age-appropriate stage shows as early as possible. Learning good concert/play/stage production manners is a very important skill, besides the important cultural learning that can take place.

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