Taking a break

I’m on a week off work. Ideally what I’d like would be a week to do all the cleaning, tidying and clearing out that needs doing, a week to do loads of writing and a week with E. But that’s a pipe dream so I shall pack all that in while attempting to rejuvenate as I’ve had three colds in four weeks and well meaning people keep telling me it’s because I’m run down. Thanks all.

I am run down. And E is tired too. I think that because nursery isn’t school we sometimes forget that it takes it out of her. She has just enough time at weekends to adjust her body clock to not waking at 7 in time for Monday morning when it has to adjust all over again. By Wednesday and Thursday she’s pretty worn out and grumpy in the mornings.

It all seems dreadfully apt practice for grown up life. I’m pretty tired of being tired. It would be great to get through a week and not feel shattered. I’m not that old. This week I can at least break out my yoga DVD and juicer and do something about the amount of exercise I do with a side order of vitamins. It’s how to sustain this.

Today there was another of those ridiculous “morning habits of successful people” pieces in one of the papers. The excerpt I saw had one person wake at 3.30am to drink two litres of water, followed by tea, some reading, a run (he made a point of telling us how far he’d run too), shower and breakfast all before he got to the office at 7.15am. What an insufferable wanker he must be. Assuming he’s telling the truth I mean.

Of course the one day last week I remembered at 10.30pm that I’d forgotten to cook our lunch for the following day and got up at 6.30 (as usual) to make sausage meatball pasta with leeks was quite good, I felt a sense of purpose and achievement aside from getting E and myself out of the house to nursery and work. I could even extend this to 6am if I tried hard since S usually wakes me up somehow when he gets up at 5.30. There’s my yoga time. Or I could write then and stop everything at 10pm to fit yoga in then – it might help me sleep.

The main obstacle to this is that I don’t usually see myself as someone who has this kind of exercise-y organisation in my life. It’s a bit Boden isn’t it? But perhaps I should explore.

In the meantime, E has to days at nursery this week while I write, clear out, tidy, clean, shop and get my hair done. Then we’re having some days out.

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3 Responses to Taking a break

  1. aviets says:

    Holy cow, I think “insufferable wanker” is a very kind term for that asshat. Nobody needs that kind of judge-y pressure!

  2. Who wants to get up at 3.30 am? That’s the middle of the night. Wouldn’t call that living!

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