Rave on – Big Fish Little Fish review

We took E to her first rave on Saturday. Ha, I say that like some seasoned clubber. We all went to our first rave on Saturday. Anyone who knows me or S knows perfectly well this is a world that previously passed us by.

The rave in question was a family friendly event, put on by Big Fish Little Fish events who have been holding them across the country. Recognising that the rave generation (& their indie friends) are having children, they put on two and a half hour events where everyone can let their hair down and bounce up and down. When you think about it logically, if you leave aside the copious drug use, raves are perfect for young children. It’s basically chaos and they can handle that.

One glowstick...

One glowstick…

There was a massive queue outside the venue for the sold out event, and we attracted quite a lot of interest, one passer by asking “who are you going to see?” Once indoors, with a glow stick E was handed on the door, there were two floors, slightly quieter ambient soft play and chill out area, with face painters downstairs, and the dancefloor, bar and craft area upstairs.

There was a superhero theme so E was dressed in her Supergirl tshirt and a red satin cape I’d made her the night before. We queued for face paint first and she got decked out in a lovely sparkly mask with glitter which made her very happy. Then we explored upstairs. Alex Paterson from The Orb was DJing, and apparently playing a range of tunes I know nothing about so I tried not to sound like my dad by commenting that they all sounded the same (but they did.)

There was a licensed bar for the grown ups and goodies available from Nottingham Doughnuts and the Nice Lolly company. True to form, we didn’t drink but had a lolly and a doughnut and can state they were both delicious. Then E wanted to try out the dance floor. She dances a bit at home when she gets the mood but this was different. The atmosphere and noise helps (sound levels are checked and kept lower than usual for small ears) and she got well in, bouncing about and waving her hands around like a veteran. The only difficulty was trying not to step on small people, made more difficult by the glitter cannons which had left fascinating sparkly bits all over the floor.



There was also a craft table,with temporary tattoos and make your own superhero wrist cuffs from sparkly card and stickers so we tried these out and then scribbled on the wall mural. Back downstairs,she met a friend from nursery who gave her a big hug and they leapt in and out of the ball pit and tent palaces together before I read them, and two more little girls, a story about jungle animals. There’s room for all sorts at this rave.

We finished off bopping up and down beneath a parachute on the dance floor, definitely E’s favourite part. I’ve not seen her so excited and happy at a noisy event before but she loved all of it.

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