New year revelations

I never do resolutions in January. It’s the time of year you should be holing up somewhere warm and conserving energy, eating all the Christmas chocolate, not trying to improve yourself. No wonder so many people fail. I like to start in spring. There’s a sense of hope as the evenings get longer, it’s not dark when you get up and you don’t need quite so many jumpers. So this month I’m cracking on with exercise (especially now I think my cough is on its way out), and other good habits.

One of these is to revive my habit of working from home on Wednesday mornings. I put this in my diary last year in an attempt to stave off exhaustion but I’ve let it slide in recent months. This morning I started again.

E has been in a foul mood the last couple of mornings and so I decided what I would do was let her sleep and have breakfast at home before shipping her off to nursery. So I got up a whole 10 minutes later, pulled on jeans and a hoodie, opened up my ipad and started working at 7am. She slept till 7.30, about half an hour later than usual, but was in a better mood having woken naturally instead of being shaken awake. We sat at the table, she ate breakfast, I drafted an email. Then we walked to nursery and I came back home to do some more work before tramming to the office at lunchtime.

It was later when I was doing my timesheet that I realised that this arrangement had not only given me two half hour breaks during the day (unheard of) and a pleasant stress free start to the day, but I could leave before 6pm and still have done my hours for the day. I was home before bathtime with a day’s work behind me, and a load of clean washing had been done as well.

This may not sound much to you but for me, rushing about cramming my hours in, it was a revelation. It also offers hope for when E starts school in September so we can do this, I don’t have to bung her in breakfast club and still get to write and do housework on Fridays to prepare for the weekend.

If asked, I’d have said I worked flexibly because of the option for compressed hours but this is actually what people mean they talk about flexibility, and work-life balance. What a relief it all is.

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