Celebrate your lefties!

Happy International Left-handers Day! I hope all you lefties have a great day waving at people and so forth. 

I, like 90% of the population, am a righty. But E is a lefty. I suspected as much a couple of years ago but was told that it might change and tends to be more fixed when she gets to around four. 

Well, she’s four now and she’s a lefty. Like Barack Obama. Other famous lefties include: Leonardo Da Vinci, Kenneth Branagh, Spike Lee, Morgan Freeman, Germaine Greer, Jack the Ripper, Paul McCartney and Martina Navratilova. Though I imagine the one she’ll be most pleasd with is that Chewbacca is left handed too. E loves Chewie.

It doesn’t mean much to us, except that I find it interesting. She can sometimes manage to cut with my scissors, and the only other thing to note is that she is a little more clumsy with utensils, so mealtimes are still quite messy. But that’s all. Research is casting some doubt on old ideas about lefties, like if they’re more creative or not, though we would encourage that in her either way. 

There is some early search that suggests handedness may be related to language, though mainly around areas of mixed handedness. Scientists have not yet managed to pinpoint where handedness comes from, but although S and I are both righties, S’s grandma was a leftie and was forced to use her right hand. So perhaps it skipped a few generations. 

For now, we’re encouraging E to get used to using her hands for dedicated work, such as writing her name or eating with a knife AND fork. Since we’ve moved on from the days when such things were frowned on, I shall celebrate her leftie-ness. And so, I wish you all a good lefty day. 

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